Celebrate goals you already achieved and get motivated

In our day-to-day lives, we often are so strongly committed to achieving something that we do task after task. Rarely do we look back on our successes and too often we forget what we already achieved. In our memory, unfortunately, only our failures remain, which is nothing bad, if we want to learn from them. However, since we forget both small and big achievements, we also lack indications whether what we are doing even makes sense.

Achievements – taken for granted and forgotten

Since my late teens I´d been a heavy smoker (1 packet per day) and tried to get away from it over the years. I tried just about everything to stop smoking but even one small negative event was enough to make me start again.

It was not until March 9th, 2014 that I finally succeeded! This extraordinary achievement would be long forgotten, had I not installed an app on my smartphone that shows me how long it is that I do not smoke anymore.

Big achievements are taken for granted

A graduation, a completed education, even a completed degree – all these are things that have been very time-intensive, difficult or even nerve-racking for you personally. But soon after you have reached such a major goal, you will be confronted with the next problems. You have to look for a job and prove yourself against competition. Within a very short time, you will take a great success for granted.

Small achievements are forgotten

All too fast we tend to forget small achievements. For example, if it is already a success for you to make someone who was having a bad day laugh and you managed, you should remember this achievement and treat it as a success. But just a short time later, this success will be forgotten. You become distracted, talk about other topics or go about your work or commitments.

Collect achievements like stamps (or Pokémon)

To not forget your achievements, you need an instrument that immortalizes them. A diary can help you to write at length about your achievements. And whenever you read your diary, you remember how it was to achieve something awesome.

Just a few months later, you have an indication whether the things you are doing are meaningful at all. Because now, you can see what success even means to you.

Celebrate your achievements

Remember your achievements and what you did and how you felt at the time. Take the time to revel in memories. It also helps to celebrate the anniversary of a success. For this, mark the dates of your achievements on your calendar and celebrate them every year. Activating and refreshing memories of a success can build your motivation for achieving your next goals.

How do you celebrate your achievements?

Meet friends and talk about your achievements. If they share similar achievements, they probably will love to recall them as well. Click glasses with each other (exclusively with healthy smoothies, of course).

In a relationship, you share achievements and the memories associated with them. Taking a stroll down memory lane is even more wonderful as a couple, of course. And a celebration of shared achievements also can refresh the relationship.

Take some time off for yourself and celebrate your successes on your own. A hot bath or a long forest walk can acknowledge an achievement just as well as a party.

If you´d like to keep remembering an achievement for a bit longer, I have an old trick for you. Exhibit your diploma, certificate or whatever reminds you of your success in the corridor or another spot you pass daily. Thus, you will remember your success even after weeks. But don't leave it there for too long, because once you get accustomed to something, it's nothing special anymore.