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Before I started with ExtraBoost, I had spent a lot of time on personal development. After I had gotten such an incredible amount of input from blogs, videos and books, at some point, it was too much to be able to remember all the information over a longer period of time, and the results of my own experience of the methods had to be written down, lest they'd be forgotten. So I decided to write a kind of digital book for myself, with the methods and my own experiences that I would apply multiple times in the future or my own methods that were formed from the intensive experiences. It was important for me to be able to live out my perfectionism in one area, even if this seen as a productivity killer in many books. I read books not only selectively, but from the first to the last page. I wanted to take in and process every piece of information. The most important and intense topic on my mind was how to have goals in life, how to have define those correctly, and how to reach them in an efficient way. Related to this topic are of course also topics such as the analysis that can be conducted with a diary, or how to build motivation with a system of reward and punishment, and why good sleep plays a major role in it.

But ExtraBoost was just the beginning. One day, I questioned the things that I do and that I consume and the consequences of my actions on this planet. I wanted to know every little detail and after I found out that my way of life has a negative effect not only on my own body, my psyche and my life but also on that of many living beings and ultimately on the planet, I could not help but make a logical decision and drastically change my life. Which probably anyone who is accepting of the truth and has common sense, would do. Almost two years after ExtraBoost went online, I was looking at an incredible number of new topics again, because the number of things I had simply done wrong was greater than I first assumed. So it was the same situation before ExtraBoost came online. I started to write a kind of digital book for myself with all the important information, but this time I also met other people and activists who cared about these topics and I became an activist myself. And you become an activist already if you change your diet.

This time, the topics are sustainability, alternative energy sources, environmental protection, more plastic-free living or even zero waste, fair trade, organic food, physical and mental health and veganism.

But that wasn't enough. For years, privacy and data protection have been very important to me. Even as a computer science student, I was very suspicious of Google & Co. and I didn't share the euphoria of fellow students who had managed to secure an interview at such companies. They would waste their talent and be part of a gigantic dominant surveillance machine reminiscent of a modernized version of George Orwell's novel "1984". I started researching again, avoided any contact with data-collecting companies as much as possible, even had a "google-free" smartphone for a while. E-mail inboxes at charities/companies that work for a free world, and the work on and publishing of free software are all topics that preoccupied me, and I want to pass on the knowledge. The immense number of tools and companies that are built into widespread websites were also very alarming for me. I could hardly believe that most of the resources and computing power were used in the background tools rather than the actual website and content. The blog you are reading right now will never expose you to data miners, making it one of the very few websites you visit, if not the only one, that truly respects your privacy. Please let me know if you found another website like this.

So I already had 3 blogs to fill if I divided these 3 areas into main topics (self-development, sustainability and data protection). To my own regret, I stopped the undertaking shortly after I had already registered all domains (,, The reason was that it would take an incredible amount of time to feed and maintain 3 blogs with content, especially since I don't earn any money with it and of course I don't want to display any data-collecting advertising.

Only after months of desperation I had the brilliant idea to simply join all 3 main topics in a single blog, as the topics are often linked or overlap and I would be able to publish articles more often in one blog. The only thing missing was a new name and a new domain. It took me a while to understand that I already own domains and could use one of them for all of these topics. The winner was I came up with the word utopify myself because I wanted a word that could describe that one should strive for an incredibly unreal and utopian world, which, as far as I know, does not exist. The ulterior motive, however, was that if you have such goals, the goal will never be achieved, but the result could still be much better than what you would have achieved if you had set real goals -> utopify it! And that's exactly what this is about.