Habitica removed guilds and public chats in August 2023 and destroyed a lot of communities with it. Because of that, I've created a forum to revive the utopify.org community.

In this guild we boost each others motivation to reach our goals in a more efficient way. If you want to learn new management methods, reach your goals or just want to find like-minded people, you are in the right place. But all of it wouldn't make much sense if your goals are not sustainable, that's why we have challenges to figure out what you do, who you are and how to be mindful?

Topics are self-development, defining goals, reaching goals, build up motivation, being mindful, be aware of what you do and sustainability.

Management methods and ways to improve your life will be researched, tested and examples and tools will be figured out. And if the method is worth it to share, a blog article at the utopify blog will be created and a challenge will be developed and created or there will be even a YouTube video on our channel.

It is always welcome to post your ideas, critics and thoughts, because utopify is a community and we only can be strong together. One man can work for all people, but he will never rule them.

Currently running Challenges

Challenge Schedule

There will be no challenges against media in December, because most people might break their streak or fail in those challenges on Christmas holidays.
* = This challenge will not start if it will run into the next month, because of the reset bug on Habitica

All Challenges

There are challenges, which only run on specific dates, run spontaniously or don't run anymore, because of too few participants. But in general I will run challenges on request.

🗣️ Audio / Video Diary - Instead of writing your diary, you record it.

📺 Avoid Entertaining Media - Get the control of your time back and reduce or eliminate time wasting activities.

🎁 Best Christmas Present - With this challenge you will find the best christmas present, which doesn't harm anyone/anything.

◼️ Blackout Weekend - Have a full weekend free from modern technology.

🔥 BOINC - Crunching for charity - Provide your computing power for science.

📋 Brain-Dump - Long term goals in 5 fields - Use the S.M.A.R.T. method in 5 fields of your life to define your goals and work on them.

📄 Contract with myself - Create a contract for yourself by defining your goals, which you will reach this month.

📝 Day Schedule - With this challenge you schedule what you will do the current day for X days.

📱 Delete Your Distraction - Delete distracting and time wasting apps.

🚛 Digital Declutter - Delete emails, pictures, videos, accounts, subscriptions, etc., which waste your time or resources.

🌐 Mastodon - Discover New Worlds - Series of challenges, which shows federated and decentralized technologies (Fediverse). This time it's about Mastodon, which is the better version of Twitter.

🌐 WriteFreely - Discover New Worlds - Series of challenges, which shows federated and decentralized technologies (Fediverse). This time it's about WriteFreely, which is the better and minimalistic version of Wordpress

🌍 Earth Night - Earth Hour is a yearly event to prevent light polution on earth.

🌱 I couldn't go vegan! - November 1st is world vegan day and many people claim they couldn't go vegan, even without trying it. This is a really simple challenge to try it (without limiting yourself). It's like getting 💎 for free.

💬 Delta Chat - Instant Messenger Journey - In this challenge series we are testing Instant Messengers to figure out which one is the best one fitting this requirements.

📘 Keep a diary - Write a diary entry every day.

↗ Learn Vector Graphics - Teach yourself how to create vector graphics within a week.

⬅️ Leave Everything Bad in 2023 - Starting a new year with realistic goals could be hard, if there is still bad stuff holding you back.

✉️ Letter/Voice mail to myself - Create a letter/voice mail to yourself for your future you.

☀ Morning & Evening Routine - Get a healthy morning & evening routine, which will help you to get more energy and boost your day.

📵 No Smart Devices in Bed - Smart devices keep us awake and destroy our sleep schedules. Let's avoid this bad habit.

🍬 No Sweets & Salts - Eat no sweets and salts for X days to get rid of a bad habit and get motivated to eat healthier.

🕐 One 4 One - Share one minute of being productive for one minute of not being productive.

🌠 Perseids Meteor Shower - In the next few weeks the most shooting stars can be seen this year.

⌛ Pomodoro Count - Count your completed 🍅 and work on your tasks in your own pace.

💪 Pomodoro Exercise Break - Do physical exercises in a pomodoro break

🏎️ Pomodoro Race - Compete with other people in a 🍅 race.

🍅 Pomodoro Technique Habit - Use a simple focus management method to work on your goals.

📚 Read Every Day - Develop a habit to read every day.

🙆 Tackle your most neglected to-do's - Focus on todos, which are laying around for a long time.

🪤 Traps of the Internet - Recognize traps, avoid them and learn how to get out of them. This is a collective challenge, we warn each other of traps to avoid them.

🕑 Two 4 One - Share two minutes of being productive for one minute of not being productive.

🎥 Produce a Video - Record, edit/cut and publish a video

📝 Week Schedule - With this challenge you schedule what you will do the next week on every day.

❔ What have I done? - Write down what you have done every day and at the end of the week you decide if it was a good or bad week.

🌎 World Environment Day - World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated annually on June 5th, but this challenge will run a whole week.

Donations keep this Community running...

All challenges have 💎 prizes and to keep that, I am very thankful for every 💎 you can donate. Just click on the name of the challenge creator (maxmoon) and on *"Send Gift"* or on mobile version *"Gift Gems"*.

You can support utopify.org with recurring donations, too.

Every 🪙 and every 💎 donation is appreciated and helps to keep running challenges and this wonderful community ❤️

Monument of lost Members

I kept the size of the guild below 5000 members and kicked out 500 most inactive members just before reaching the limit, because notifications would have been deactivated on Habitica. Now, that official guilds and chats are gone, this isn't needed anymore, but to honour those who once fight procrastination, the monuments will stay.

ExtraBoost.org became utopify.org

On November 6th 2020 ExtraBoost became utopify. All information about it can be read in this article. This guild exists since 2017.