How to create a good Manifest

You have realized that a good manifest could help you better achieve your goals in life. But you have no or only a small idea of what this should look like? In the following, I will explain by means of an analysis method how to write a reaction protocol and create a very good manifest.

The way is the aim

The saying may be very philosophical, but a good manifest is not a thing you can write like an essay within a very short time and in one piece. By momentary negative emotional impact, such as E.g. the end of a relationship, stress with the boss or dispute with friends, the manifest may be also accordingly negative. Thus, a benevolent person would not even think about the point "to be benevolent" if he were under a negative influence, but rather summarized his frustration in a point named "trust no one" or similar. For emotional, I recommend a diary as a valve and self-reflection.

Anyone who expects a final version of his manifest will soon be disappointed. If you say at one point that you are done, you can be proud of your manifest and work with it for months or even years. But each person is an individual who evolves (hopefully). A simple experience can change people completely.

Schedule regular times to read your manifest completely and delete stuff, edit or add all points if there are any inconsistencies. But from here on, you should not act out of the emotion because you can destroy or distort your manifest. The following section explains how to do it right.

Observe how you can behave yourself in different situations

As diverse as people are, they react so differently to the same situation. An example: Three close friends walk through the city and see how a passer-by runs against a lantern and get hurt. One immediately starts to laugh loudly. The next twitches his mobile phone and would like to take the situation. The third rushed to help the passers-by, handed him his handkerchiefs and asked if he needed an ambulance. How do you react?

Observe and note during a period of 2-3 weeks as you behaved in different everyday situations. Did you react spontaneously? Was there any dispute? Has something annoyed you a little? Were you proud of any of your actions or reactions? Take these notes and expand them in the evening (or at any time of the day on when you rest and have time) by writing why you reacted exactly how you did it or what you remember was important? The extended protocol of your everyday situations will assist you very strongly in creating the manifest.

More incentives for a response protocol for everyday situations

Should be within a few weeks, not much you react could happen so you have here are a few examples that can fill your log. How do you react to the following situations?

Your written reactions to the examples should fill most of your protocol. In fact, every person responds differently to a situation as he claimed it. Tell yourself no beautifully decorated fairy tale, because your manifest is the foundation of your life. It would be a pity if it would be a lie.

  • You're alone and a very drunk man runs slowly on the road in your direction.
  • With your friends, you're going to a bar and all of a sudden, a fight breaks out in your immediate vicinity.
  • [You see that a fragile woman beats her boyfriend.]{lang="en-US"}
  • On another day, you see a pretty strong man beating his girlfriend (not the woman from the example above).
  • You walk with your hands in the pockets of a street musician and realize that there is some money in your pockets.
  • Another day you're walking down a street with spare change in your pockets and a beggar bounce on his knees back and forth.
  • Your boss has divided you up again for difficult tasks because there is no one else who can handle these tasks, but no one has yet thanked you for your hard work.
  • A working colleague will be able to recruit you with your feathers and you will learn about other work colleagues
  • [You've been lending an item to a friend for years. You are requesting the item back, but he tells you that it has always been his.]{lang="en-US"}
  • The said friend tells you that he can lend you his item if you really want it.
  • [A friend tells you that he has heard a stark story from a friend and in the telling of the story, you know that it was your own.]{lang="en-US"}

What are your principles, goals and foundations in life?

Your reactions in different situations can be fundamentally important for you and decide how you will achieve your goals. You give, for example, the street musician some coins, but the beggar nothing, you are acting apparently on the principle that one must earn his money. To you, diligence is very important in life.

Go through your reaction protocol and see if as in the street musician/beggar example, certain features can be filtered out. If you can recognize a particular behavior in several situations, this is an indication of a new section in the manifest. Write in a new section the newly gained knowledge and give a descriptive title, such as “no gain without pain”.

As a spur you can look at a good manifest [here]({filename}/maxmoon-manifest-en .md.

A good manifest must be accessible to others

It would be no manifest, if you keep it all for you. For you to explain to the public your intentions in life. Previously, you would have printed a text file, distributed it in the circle of friends or hanged in your apartment. Nowadays, publishing your intentions with social media can reach a much larger audience. Work your way into an image processing program (for example, Gimp, Photoshop) and create an attractive graphic with your manifest. Upload them to Facebook or other social networks and share the Link here in the comments.