How a good Manifest helps you achieve your Goals?

People in the immediate environment could have a completely different way of thinking than one's own. In some cases, the opinions can be so far apart that one cannot even match them with his/her basic principles. But one talks about it, the words are missing, since one cannot explain from that state, why a certain opinion or action disturbs. From this moment on, it is time to ask what principles one follows, what goals one has, what one lives on, and how to keep all this in writing? You will learn in this post how a good manifest helps you achieve your goals.

Who are you?

It is very difficult to sit down and start writing about who you are. Before your consciousness developed, many years passed and you were coined by education, social environment, experiences and religion. From this combination, you have emerged as an individual and to know how this individual "ticks", you have to analyze yourself for a long time.

Describing yourself is a frequently asked question in interviews. Anyone who does this spontaneously and not well prepared is probably a good entertainer or rhetorician. You might be able to convince a person who checks off prefabricated checklists. However, such spontaneous stories or even lies should not build the foundation of your life.

Are you a single fighter or a herd person?

Each individual reacts differently to the same action, unless one is strongly influenced by his/her social environment and waits for a reaction to imitate. But also, the written down knowledge that one reacts differently in social groups than one would when alone is valuable. It helps to identify if you can master difficult tasks on your own, develop self-motivation and achieve goals by your own efforts or if you need external help.

How do you react to different daily situations?

A good friend reacts completely differently to a situation as you would have expected. For you, the only logical reaction is yours. Regardless of who is more successful in life, is it useful to learn how the illogical response came about? You should not copy the behavior of others, but understanding the perspectives of others can show your own character traits. Whether these are good or not is subjective and remains to be seen. But with this knowledge, you have a relative reference point about where you stand with your reactions.

The good and evil things in life

Do you need money, love or friends in life? Which of these makes you happy and which of these saves you life energy? You can be with a partner who has a completely different world picture than you. So, you are either happy that you can get to know another perspective or annoyed because you never seem to agree. There are people who spend a lot of money on material goods and are not satisfied. Others, however feel a fulfillment when they do exactly that. And there are people who, day after day want to live minimalistic and give away their belongings. Wherever you are, awareness can help you find management methods to efficiently achieve your goals.

Here you can find a good manifest.