maxmoon's Manifest – Publication of Goals and Intentions

I introduce to you my manifest, which helps me to achieve my goals. If you have got a good manifest too, please send it to me, because I find manifests of others always exciting.

Write down your goals

Conduct an analogous and easy-to-reach list of the great goals you want to achieve in life. Both real goals and dreams may be listed. Then define smaller targets that lead you to the big goals and transfer them to a To-do list. Read your big list once a month and adjust it because targets change regularly.

Be always efficient/productive

It is your lifestyle to optimize processes, automating things and making everything efficient, then follow this attitude and do not lose your focus, even if others feel affected by this lifestyle. Better change your environment instead of putting a lot of energy into changing it and never change yourself. Be productive every day and do things that get you closer to your goals. Pauses are allowed, but long deflection phases must be recognized and avoided.

Care for high sleep quality

Waking up without alarm is a great luxury, because one cannot afford it today. But you can get used to going to bed on time and waking up at about the same time without stress. In the life without an alarm clock, the brain runs at high performance right after waking up and you have a sharp overview of the whole day. Also, you should ban all electronic devices from the bedroom and ventilate properly before sleeping. The biological clock does not run 24h, which must be adjusted with habits/obligations.

Avoid negative media

One that deals with negative media for too long, will notice a loss in life's quality since it can stain over time. It is indeed good to be informed about the world, but you shouldn't implicate yourself for too long in delicate topics such as geopolitics and wars.

Bring started things to an end

In order to find your life task, it is necessary to try out and start many things, but if these are just opened, abandon them, because the interest is not present and you can create stress to yourself by always thinking that you still have obligations which you would have to pursue. If important things are open, treat them with high priority and bring them to an end.

Never obey others

It is always good to get the opinion of several people to clarify the views of several perspectives on a problem, but never listen only to one voice and obey this, as subjective opinions, momentary negative circumstances of the person etc. could have an impact on your future.

Get rid of property

Everything brings responsibility, maybe needs to be maintained, needs space, takes time or even incurs running costs. Disconnect yourself from things you do not need and only cost yourself space, time, money or energy.

Don't be a consumption victim.

Having no TV is the right step away from the manipulations of advertisements. But also the unwanted advertisements in the mailbox must deliberately be ignored. Strolling now and then through shops and buying new products can indeed also help not to unilaterally feed or dress, which is unusual for some e.g. something the other sex likes about you. If you were productive for a long time, you can reward this act with material things. However, this is to be enjoyed with caution! Think about whether you really need a product or whether it is really a reward for yourself?

Adjust routines regularly

Having routines helps one to stay on the rails. Routines can however also be negative, especially if you no longer know why you follow one or you have been unhappy with one for a long time. Analyze each routine and adjust it. Example: To be sporty you start with a small morning routine, which contains a few push-ups. If you are already on a high level, like regular in kick-boxing, then you don't need the morning routines anymore, or this must be adjusted, since the regular sport in kick-boxing is more efficient. I have on the calendar that I should analyze routines on the 5th day of a month and adjust if necessary (monthly regularly seems enough).

Be benevolent

At least one soul can go well when good is done. Give away unnecessary items to the second-hand shops or charity associations, offer manpower, donate money or give a smile. If you live in wealth and prosperity, you will experience joy when you share this. But watch out, there are also people who make a lot of demands, even if they get stuff for free